A most likely 1 word omission.


Most likely a 2 or more word omission.


A guess at the enclosed lyrics.


Simultaneous lyrics or echoed lyrics.


A sound effect or verse's narrator.

* This is done to retain accuracy, thus avoiding the likely incorrection which accompanies guessing. 


Here's how!  Just follow these simple intructions and bring your guests the accurate lyrics they are looking for!

A.    By first and foremost, scrapping your current lyrics collection, because if their not WasteLand Lyrics, chances are time and effort was not put into them in the same fashion as those lyrics you'll find here.  [It should be noted that lyrics found here are only those in which much deliberation and alternate possibities were taken into consideration.  This is why we here at the WasteLand welcome any and all suggestions, corrections, and questions.  Now, we're not saying that these lyrics are 100% accurate, but they are unmatched in their accuracy.]  

B.  Copy the HTML below (Note:  If you are not dealing with HTML, then skip to step IV):

ALT="[ WASTELAND LYRICS: The Art of Bone ]"
WIDTH="284" HEIGHT="100"></A>

"Providing the internet with the most accurate Bone thugs-n-harmony lyrics."

C.  Paste it on your MAIN page, the page which contains other options such as news, links, pics, etc. (This is to serve as your lyrics option.), and the final result should look as follows:

Providing the internet with the most accurate Bone lyrics.
"Providing the internet with the most accurate Bone thugs-n-harmony lyrics."

D.  Or you can just copy the pic above, link it to us, and add the caption below it.

E.  E-mail us with your page's title and address and let us know that you selected WasteLand Lyrics as your Bone lyric provider.

         It's that easy and your viewers will have access to the most accurate Bone thugs-n-harmony lyrics on the internet from your page!  In addition, through a simple link, you will be able to save the space on your site that ordinary lyrics pages uses up.  Your guests won't be disappointed. Thank you and let us know if you have selected WasteLand as your Bone lyric source, so we can add you to our links page.

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