Now Gary really wants to sue me stressin out tellin my groupies set it out I already read it out usually thuggin' in my Jacuzi wit uh uzi wet 'em all yes, ya'll, yes ya'll, yes, yes, yes ya'll tune into the looney and boom I come out of my room my goons comin from the resume-N-doom-n-yes ya'll yell ya'll yes yes get it raw buck at the bullet-proof ghetto star with a vest over my chest and there you are (Nigga you flow too fast) understand me society got me addicted to the inflicted so synthetic and wicked call on your family but they dying split up the sticky-sticky Bryon like granddaddy in the 70's said he just fled and his name was red and I saw my father paralyzed the other was locked down there he cried won't see me til' Buck Rogers dead it was there he died I don't care he lied.

"Yes Yes Y'all" Lyrics
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