Bone Thugs~N~Harmony


Hey, Hey, holler, holler, nigga, what's happenin'?  I got the biggest boulders right here, muthafucka.  These muthafuckin' rocks's fat!  Hey, at 10 o'clock, I don't want to see none of y'all little niggas up on the muthafuckin' block!  Y'all got to clear this muthafucka off.  Curfew, nigga!  Get the fuck up outta here off my block!


Who servin' the fiends?  Hundred thousands in green.  For the love of money.  Cash all around me.  Demons can't clown me while I'm in the county, I can die.  Flipped up my styli (style) as we turned at the same time.  Bein' redempted in attention, Ouija shit got 'cha demented.  Crash the Benz and any intentions born for criminal defendin'.  Critical breakin', in the ghetto, boy I'm thinkin' millennium shit like pestilence, war, and famine.  Animal move, the animals reviewed daily, fairly, graze.  That'll be the reason why Cleveland niggas embalmed like dead bodies in Eden, lesions seepin' (come on over in Eden, Eden, Eden). I don't wanna rock the pump, but I'ma do it, if I have to pop the trunk!  And I'ma get 'em when they thinkin' they missed me, what?  Nigga that thuggish ruggish fucked 'em up!
Rollin' with my bucks to the biggest nuts.  Shit, all of my dogs really bite.  And nigga you touched, you stuck on murder, smokin' up burner, cuttin' the blunt.  Peep out the 7th Sign Regime, with the nines and beams, and plenty and green.  With a clique-tight team, and a nigga like me.  You couldn't go wrong with me.  Eyes blood-shot red.  When I floss instead!  I'd rather run up and smash you with a passion, and then chalkin' it off his head.  You done mislead and then let them bled, bled, nigga.  Immortal warrior, we're the walkin' dead (dead).



It's just another day I gotta get paid.  Who got the biggest boulder?  Who servin' the fiend?  [*2]


Call me B.B.O.B., the bad boy of the Bones!  I be thuggin' for eternal.  Wanna test me?  It's on!  Now where my niggas at?  Get the gat, peel a nigga wig back!  Nigga dig that, dig that?  All original Cleveland's own criminal. Here we go.  From a place where a nigga might bury ya.  Nigga act up, and I better take care of ya, scared of ya, I be ready for the war!  Nigga, I'm America's Most.  Bailin' coast to coast.  If you ready for war, hey you can ride with me.  But if you lie to me, and don't die for me, look in my eyes to see you can't hide from me.  Sleepwalk, shit talker. Me killa nigga that be runnin' with niggas in the ghetto that get on my level, rebuking the devil, represent like a Heavenly rebel.  Even though my screw's loose, I can tighten them up to put a twist in the game like a monkey wrench.  For the funny shit, all about murder for the love of money, shit.  Gettin' paid.  Got it made in the shade.  Nigga, if you got it and I want it, I'ma take it.  Nigga made it, and I told you we would make it.  Kept it real, and I never get fake.  Get half-baked nig' gone off this Indo stick.  Wanna hit it and call Jesus?  You ready?  Hit it two times and pass and nigga hold your breath.  Lay playin' with a half-deck.  (playin' with a  half-deck)



It's just another day I gotta get paid.  Who got the biggest boulder?  Who servin' the fiends?  [*2]


Come fuck with the thug that bail on the darkside.  Dwell with the hustler to get this mayo.  I'm plannin' on sellin' llello for my million.  Now why are they fuckin' with multi-platinum singers?  Now that you got this alblum, tell me, what the fuck you goin' do with it?  'Cause they droppin' hit after hit, now chalk and go and get.  Hittin', here they come wicked, oh so wicked they come when they beatin' drums.  Stan servin' them paper, murder them 187.  Oh well haters, must you be done!  And did it with niggas, do whatever they gotta do!  My nigga, just do what you gotta do, even if you got to stalk a fool, just rob a fool!  Jack move!  It's just another day.  Stan gotta get paid.  We sneak crept in same with made niggas.  If niggas not feeling me, (Nigga be) be bailin' with a nigga, better laying low, so when the po-po rollin'...stroll on.  My class of a criminal, homocidal activity, burn 'em up.  Hold em' nigga, let em show this shit be real.  When Stack go rollin' when a nigga talk mess.  Slow, go straight. Stalk a muthafucka.  Quick pap!  Buckin' em down and went on his back, back.