selected verses by Bone thugs-n-harmony

. . . puttin' your shit to the pave, beatin' (?) and the cage, livin' in the Land of the brave.  Kray and Lay gotta blaze, amazed, and never can phase Bone.  My deadly thugstas, brothas, ruggish--they never done take no losses, put 'em all in a coffin, ya dearly departed, better off.
Been labelled a psychopath, fall down with the buck, and I blast when I get my chance.  You niggas is fearin' my sawed-off, put me to rest, so fast I blast, so quick you thinkin' of kickin' it, you best packin' your shit, ya bitch.  Not that it makes a difference to mow you down with the quickness.
Now Krayzie Bone is buck, buck, buckin' 'em once again, and niggas, they pick up the pen and they try to contend, but (...?...) with the MAC-10.  There's never another to go with a brotha.  I smotherin' suckas, been goin' undercover, we leave 'em in gutters, they thought could step up, and through with the sucka that squealed on a murder.
Killa with the streetsweeper, when I reap, better pray the bullet don't put in much work, put in much dirt, which shot, put in the bullets you (?) and um, with a me TEC, don't trip, runnin' with the Bone, fo' fo' won't let me, duck to the B.  You're set up, wet up, get 'em on the get up, Bone don't let ya . . .


"The Points (Bone's verses)" Lyrics
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