It's Mo Thug.  It's Ken Dawg.
Let me lean on in your mind.  Hit you one time.  See, here it's Ken rollin' off this Hen.  I got to do this shit again for these niggas, who didn't think Ken was bringin' work, but now I got your eyes open, now, busta, stay alert.  Prefer to smoke that hitter, yeah, wig splitter, take two hits and pass, 'cause it's that two hitter quiter.  Did I hear a busta hatin'?  'Cause he's violatin'.   Why I got playas all around in my face fakin', mistakin' me for a fake?  Playa knowin' I ain't.  I can't do that type of sucka shit, 'cause I'm 'bout bank.  Rollin' with a click that's straight puttin' it down.  Playa get your smoke on to that Mo Thug sound, right.

Nuthin' but the playa in me.  It's nuthin' but the playa in me.

You heard me puttin' it down from the C-Town.  Playa, we heatin' niggas up, roll with click of playas.  We're real street figures.  Beat hustlas down if you ain't got my paper.  And if there's no intention of payin' me, I'm a have to fade you.  That's real.  So, gon' and take it for what it's worth.  Playa hatin' fellas on the outskirts.  Mad a nigga done came up and did his thing.  Now the topic of conversation  is Ken Dawg.  Now, playa, if you lookin' tight, then I'm gonna give you P's.   I wish all of the playa haters would follow me, rollin' high, passin' by, my mind will fly.  The stress is far behind, and don't ask why.  I'm Ken Dawg, my brothers, don't I'm trying to deal, every time I hit ya, I'm spittin' real shit, real hits, so, y'all, go on and relax, [y'all].  All laid back in all them Cadillacs, right.

Nuthin' but the playa in me.  It's nuthin' but the playa in me.

It's nuthin' but the playa in me at all times.  I'm floatin' through the city in the droppin' twenty-five.  I know y'all feel me.  Don't spill the Henessey, 'cause then you're gonna have to see me.  Naw, I can't get like that about no drink, but I can get like that about my bank.  And I be sayin' shit to make these niggas flip the script, hear the hit, and that must've been it.  I'm in it to win it.  Don't be P.O.in' on me, rollin' through this madness all lonely.  Niggas is actin' phony.  Don't be like them regular competitors, stressin' 'bout them tricks on the regular.  I'm Ken Dawg.  I'm doin' it to you right [right].  Every time I put it down, it's all tight [it's all tight].  We all high.  We all high.  Lit up.  Lit up.  Lit up.  So, go on and get your hands up.  Nigga, what?  

Nuthin' but the playa in me.  It's nuthin' but the playa in me.
It's Mo Thug.  It's Ken Dawg.  It's (?).

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