Krayzie Bone [with Mo Thugs]:
Mo Thug.  Yo, [Yeah.] Mo Thug family back up in this muthafucka.  [You know it.]  Y'all thought we wasn't gonna come back to this muthafucka?  [Ha, ha, yeah, yeah.]  We back.  We back, muthafucka.  [We back.]  New and improved, baby [thugsta music, yeah].  Thug shit [for the nine-eight].  Nine-nine [Yeah, nine-nine, year two G's, otherside of the game], 'til this muthafucka blow up [Boom!  Boom!].  Yeah, right back at ya.
What's up to all my muthafuckin' dogs [buck, buck], my muthafuckin' thug-ass niggas [yeah]?  Y'all keep that shit bumpin' [keep it bumpin'].  Fuck the muthafuckin' police [Fuck the police.].  Fuck the muthafuckin' FBI [Fuck the FCC.].  Fuck any muthafucka who got somethin' to do with the muthafuckin' law [yeah], fuck all them muthafuckas, baby [fuck 'em].  We ridin' like this nigga [buck 'em].  The shit don't stop until they muthafuckin' body rott [ridin' raw, roll or get rolled over, yeah, shut this bitch down, rolled over].  Yeah [it's over].

Sayin' what's up to all my muthafuckin' niggas that's ridin' [Mo Thug!] on this muthafuckin' album with us [yeah]:
The muthafuckin' Poetic Hustla'z, boy [Hustla'z, yeah, let me hustle, I'm just a Hustla, nigga].
We got the muthafuckin' Graveyard Shift [Graveyard].  Rest in peace, Tombstone [Rest in peace, baby, yeah, rest in peace].  Yeah, fuck them ho-ass bustas [yeah, burn in Hell, muthafucka].
II Tru [yeah, II Tru], new breed [new breed], Jhaz and Brina, what's happenin' [comin' at you muthafuckas, yeah]?  AJay [Ajay].
My nigga, uh, my nigga Souljah Boy [up in this muthafucka, yeah], run them hoes, run them hoes [yeah, run 'em].
And to my little nigga with no nuts, Thug Queen [Thug Queen].  What's up, baby?  [It's the queen, ha ha, queen].  You know what it is.
To my niggas, uh, MT5 [Yeah, we comin', we comin'].  Y'all boys keep blowin' shit, y'all gon' be the next Jackson 5 in this muthafucka [Believe that].  Hey, I'm talkin' about pay.
What's up 4, what's up with 4-U-2-Know [4-U-2-Know]?  It's alright [it's alright].  So fly.
What's up with Felecia?  Girl, go on and sing that shit [sing it] with your talented ass.  Sing it.
Cindy B, Mo Thug, we got love, girl.  We got much love, girl.
What's up to Potion, Potion, Potion?  Look at 'em, look at 'em, now.  [yeah, look at 'em, look at 'em] What's up, girls? [Y'all lookin' good.]
What's up to Scant Bone [Scant-O, Scant-O]?  Your scandalous ass [he's fuckin' scandalous].
DJ Ice [imitates records scratching], mix that shit up at them clubs, nigga [yeah, yeah, keep puttin' it down].  Keep puttin' that shit down.
I wanna say what's up to my muthafuckin' Bone niggas [Bone thugs-n-harmony]:
Wish Bone,
that little crazy-ass nigga Bizzy Bone,
Layzie Bone.
And you know, uh, who else, who the fuck else I forgettin' in this muthafucka?  [Ken Dawg!] Oh, my nigga, Kendon Dawg, forgot my nigga, Ken Dawg, [we ain't forget] little playa playa [don't know]. Y'all boys been around with that nigga Ken Dawg, been sleepin' on my little nigga.  You ain't no muthafuckin' joke [understand me when I say this, here].
What's up with Tre?  What's up with, y'all?  [What's up?]  We still got love for y'all [Fuck y'all gon' do?].  Mo Thug love, baby [Mo Thug, Mo Thug].
What's up to Steve-Lobel's ass?  [You know, busy whiteboy hatcha.]  Ha, ha.  Aw, mighty whitey.
 Aw, what's up to my muthafuckin' partner, Powder [Powder].  Powder, Powder, poof  [Powder, Powder, poof].  Y'all don't know, Powder P.
Say what's up to my nigga down in muthafuckin' Miami [aw, what's happenin' in Flyami, in Flyami], Disco Rick [Disco Rick, Rick-Rick the ruler], and K.C.  Y'all be fuckin' that shit up behind the muthafuckin' boards.  Mo Thug love, baby [We comin' at you, baby, from the Land].
Shit, who else we gotta say "what's up" to [the Land]?  [Oh, don't forget the #1 Assassin.]  Oh, yeah.  #1 Assassin still blastin' on muthafuckas.
All my muthafuckin' niggas [St. Clair, baby, bunch of thugs from St. Clair].  Y'all niggas know what it was, what it is, and what's it's gon' be forever, Cleveland [Mo muthafuckin' Thug, St. Clair for life, St. Clair for life].
Yeah.  Much love to Cleveland, period.  Much love, baby.
And I don't think we got nobody else to say "what's up" to, do we?  Hell, naw [Shit, shit, it's just like this, shit's over, fuck it].
I guess the album over [yeah, it's over].

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