Yeah, Bone Enterpri$e in tha muthafuckin house, nigga!  Yo, y'all
muthafucka's that didn't think we was comin' out, check this shit out:  I got my nigga Layzie Bone in the muthafuckin' house, Bizzy Bone in the muthafuckin' house, Wish Bone, and the muthafuckin' bomb is in the muthafuckin' house.  We gonna do a little something like this . . .

Yeah . . . Now Krayzie Bone has got the gun, so let's proceed with lychin', yo.  My uzi weighs a ton, so now you know what I'm bitchin', ho.  The weapon is kept in inside the trunk of the 9-ball, Put triggers on niggas.  In rivers, that's where they find y'all.  So drop to your knees, that's the position, assume it bitch.  You slip and you're soon to get, fucked up by a lunatic.  Decide to pack a gat, well that's the way I prefer.  Your forty-four might do damage, but see my streetsweeper's much worse.  My shotguns are cocked, make sure you're stayin' in line, me twenty two is no fun, so let me play with me nine.  I'm steppin' with the Enterpri$e, my only army brigade, and if  I drop, then I just throw this like a hand-grenade.

You see no pistol's in the holster, watch the dot's on your forehead.  I'm gunnin' while you're runnin' and there's plenty of bloodshed.  There's no sympathy over killin, I already warned you.  You crossed the path of a maniac, so now you're a goner.  Don't ever step up in my face, 'cause stupid bitch, you'll get served.  Get on my dick, and stop steppin'; I'm startin to loose all my nerve.  Your thirty-eights, your forty-fives ain't doin' shit to me, punk, 'cause once you're disabled, believe you're gonna get stomped, 'cause you ain't nothin' but a ho, and of course, I hope you get smoked.  I put a gauge to your throat, and it is murder Bizz wrote.  See, I'm unloadin' while you're foldin' on your niggas, the usual, doublecross me, and I'll bet that I'll be laughin' at your funeral.

Now, see, I'm robbin' and killin' and stealin', makin' a dope-dealin', that's what I do daily, 'cause Layzie gotta make a livin', and I don't give a damn.  I take your life for what you got.  If you got what I want, then you gonna straight-up get shot.  A bullet to your forehead, there be a couple more, bitch. Yeah, I perp like I'm your nigga just to get your ass misled.  That's when I rolled up in your house and take your shit away.  Thought you had a friend, but I'm a nigga gettin' paid, real swift, here's a gift, comin' at you is a bullet.  The psychopathic nigga on the trigger, they gotta pull it.  And I ain't never had no gratitude.  Layzie Bone be crazy killin' with a ganksta attitude.
Buck, The Enterpri$e is breakin' 'em down, me breakin' 'em down, man.
Bump, the Enterpri$e is breakin' 'em down, me breakin' 'em down, man.
Me breakin' down, me breakin' down, me breakin' down, man.
Wish Bone, come down, man.

Now we hittin' niggas up, and we ain't comin' cheap.  You wanna jump?  Feel froggish, muthafucka, leap.  We gettin' drunk, start shit, drinkin' sixty-four's.  I brought a liter.  Where's your posse?  Smack your fuckin' ho.  I got your bitch on my dick, because I'm here for my cap down.  When steppin' through C-Town, you better be strapped down.  The bigger my trigger, the deader your nigga is found on your doorstep.  So how do you figure that you'll be the one to unload in my fuckin' chest.  So when you catch me steppin', I got the weapon that is kept in on my hip and, why you trip and find your clip and tell your bitch to suck my dick.  Wish Bone'll pop that ass quick, fool.  Don't try to fuck with this ganksta attitude.

Buck, me breakin' 'em down, once again me breakin' 'em down.
Krayzie Bone, come break 'em down.
Krayzie Bone come break ya down.

I'm steppin' in my hood at night, and I'm low up on cash.  So gimme everything you got, 'cause Bone assult your ass. Oh, so you wanna play hero, sucka?  Fuck that shit.  Die, muthafucka.  Never showin' favoritism when I'm blastin'.  When I grab my gun, I play the role of an assassin.  The K to the R to the A to the Y to the Z to the I to the E and steppin' with Layzie Bone, also the B-I-double Z's up in the house, so come prepared.  I ain't talkin' with rides; I'm talkin' about with hand grenades, pistols, uzis, and nines.  So get the shit loaded up.  You better be quick when you're duckin' out.  I'm standin' there smilin' when I watch ya duck from the buckshots. 

I got some unfinsihed business, so won't ya's come up with me.  K, bring the P-U-M-P.  Lay, bring the G-A-G-E,  'cause there's this gang all down the way.  We gotta put 'em in check, 'cause that O.G. was talkin' shit.  I'm gonna blow his brain off his neck.  We get up in the smug and start to ride kinda slow, and now we're in their territory, so we let all our triggers go.  Twenty niggas drop to the sound of that auto gun.  I seen that O.G. gettin' up as he began to run.  I grab my nine; it's time them niggas took a loss.  Put on my mask, and turn the fuckin' lights off.  See, speeded up, right beside, and he knew he was hit.  The last words that he heard was, "Rest in Peace, bitch."

Layzie Bone is the gangsta, and now you know it's my occupation. The jackin's in progress; it's a critical operation.  The object is murder.  I'm the number one assassin, it's Layzie Bone, I'll put your ass up in a casket, bitch.  Be aware when I'm steppin' with the Enterpri$e.  The money, we bankin', 'cause we them criminals organized.  You'll take what you got, and give a shot, and so watch me pick 'em.  I hunt up a sucka, and then unload on my victim.  It's like, [Gunshot.] to his legs, [Gunshots.] to his chest, another shot in the face, the nigga's put to rest.  Yeah, like I said, I'm never actin' like a nice dude.  We got them what?  Them ganksta attitudes.  Nigga.
[Series of gunshots.]
     Unit two requesting four additional units for shots fired [fired, fired].

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