(Graveyard Shift, Poetic Hustla'z, II Tru, Ken Dawg, Souljah Boy, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, Tre)

We got the perfect combination.
[Krayzie:  Mo Thug.  Mo Thug.]
So you better change your location.
[Krayzie:  Move out.  Move out.]

Mo thug be the love, slug for the perfect picture, chronic bud to save your struggles, so somebody suffer, scriptures.  Time to rip ya, hit ya really good, I'll split ya, ditch ya, gotta put ya in my hall of flames, and damn, it's shame.  Listen up tight you can hear the storm, it's a hurricane. Bone, II Tru, Hustla'z, and Shifters [We are the soldiers!], bustas, no need to be runnin' from trues, sucka, get murdered with skills, the (?) to peel ya, straight up from infantry.  Wars begin, we done sayin' they playin' to win, but we got it all within.  So roll with the sheets, 'cause the thugs, they creep. Go and step on the (?) with the midnight streets, where they playin' for keeps, so fake soldiers...

Mo! Hart:
Late hours of the eve, now brothas out schemin', tryin' to break your heart.  Gotta alleviate the problem before it even starts.  Sit back relax and never losin' my composure, brotha done told ya, better beware, 'cause this Mo Thug click got plenty of soldiers.  Just open your eyes and realize it's gonna be Mo Thug 'til I die.  Never hesitate.  Don't flip.  I can pin you all in them disguises.  So if you wanna come test, definite action must proceed, but before it goes down, I gots to alert the rest of my family.

Y'all want no lovin' to a sister flowin', face me, you claim to be the sweetest, but the style I flex is crazy, never again no struggles, see Mo Thug, we on the rise everyday.  I feel the swisha as my method of the high.  No more want for money or place to eat or sleep, you see we family, now, comin' up in game backdoor with the heat, Krayzie's friends out the walls, (...?...) by my lonely, before a sista was broke, blow up Mo Thug open up more money . . .

Souljah Boy:
It be the Mo Thug, it's buck, quick bandages, one of these soldiers just can't stand 'em, make me had to do a one-eighty-seven [one eighty-seven] with a MAC-10, reactin' like you really wanna know what's happenin', down with buckin' y'all with me strap and best a be duckin' 'cause I'm blastin' real fast when I see fake-ass O.G.'s.  
with Ken Dawg:
I'm ridin' real; Mo Thug is where I be.  I'm down with Ken.
So put 'em up as I cock the pistols, fin to dip home, get shot, blown, who the next blown?

Tell me have you ever had this feelin', or a vision, that you played major part in a killin'?  The man that you murdered, let's say for instance, that it's sickness, and you did him, pull the trigger bust the gun, (are they evil).  The motive was death.  You took his breath without a second guess.  His chest was littered with blood, that pop unleashed, now fill the bag along with the shells from the slugs, and when they finally found him, all they got was the smell and the skull.  Now further endanger the species, 'cause these niggas they plot, they rush up on the block with shots from fully automatic weaponry.  They had to be a least two or three cars deep.  Then all of a sudden, one came up hatin' face to face with (?).  Come around our way, you lay six feet, in a grave underneath in a coffin. 

Tony Tone:
It's that Hustla with Hustla'z poetically known as Tony Tone with them thugstas and Shifters, trues, and a playa.  Let it be known that we're trues with weapons, double I'm steppin'.  Mo Thug militant soldiers sucka better feel this bass, on the real, this fake, don't needs this in this click.  Now, you wanna ride or die, because there's hatred in your eyes?  I'd advise stay wise, better pray to God, 'cause these scriptures might just rip your mentals straight apart.  It's from the heart.  Demons that drop our lives got pinned inside, realized they fell off.  So many wanna roll, but don't know how we stroll.  They never know we're good go, so let's make our dough, for sure.

This Mo Thug Family.
MoThugs Family:
This Mo Thug Family.
Scriptures, we keep 'em all within me.
Mo Thugs Family:
We keep 'em all within me.

No competition.  I gotta get mine, and scream out, "Mo! [Mo! Mo!]" and let me hear ya holla, not about that mighty dollar, roll with the Bone, Mo Thugs'll follow.  Chain gang remainin' the same, flamin' my dank, and drinkin' brew.  Think about that hangin', clockin' my bank, and thuggin' with trues, fools, you know it.

Mo Thug family.  I got all my thugstas with me.

Ken Dawg:
Hoes stayin' up, close enough for ya to let ya know it's do or die forever, ridin' together [we're ridin' together] 'til the day of the stormy weather.  Pleasure and pain is all in this trip, only scripts to flip is these old Mo Thug hits, this click of soldiers, who keep it real until the end, some green in their hand, and we in it again, right.

Let a sista nip this in the bud, you can't face me, this playa, hell of a rhyme, sayin' these family scriptures, the last to remain by sneakin' up on you, backdoor.  Hear 'Brina comin' relentlessly bustin'.  Trues bringin' the drama for them bustas, never no bluffin'.  No question, gotta run my game tight, never know weaklings, when a sista fall victim, hit 'em, we Cleveland original money makers up in your system.

Boogy Nikke:
It's the Mo Thug Family Scripture, we singin', my people and me.  Ya better believe the family tree's much deeper than what you see and believin'.  Hey, gotta give up peace to the love inside of my halo.  Gotta stay headstrong for soldiers like I told ya we need peace [Dear Lord, can you help me?].  (Never forget) to pray for the people, 'cause when you need 'em, they there.  You better beware Mo Thugs' steppin' with weapons.  We comin' with the word of the Lord to teach the people not knowin', we showin', it's Armageddon again, we comin', better be ready, boy.  [I'm ready].  You better be teachin' your people to write when this day's done, pray soldier boy.

We soldiers trapped in this world.  Don't step in our face or my bullets (?), fed up with these haters, I'm breakin' 'em up, 'cause they fakers, and fakers fakin', pullin' them gat on Mo Thugs.  But ain't no soldiers, this lunatic get the chrome, now they get gone (on the dark, 'cause the gat flipped) with them roll.  And handlin' them demons makin' me crazy, knowin' that Gates can't be fucked with.  When I'm swangin' them thangs, I'm feelin' (?), and I'm bustin' men.  Gotta load me clip when I rip, then slip them slugs up out the chamber, shoulda flexed upon me, stranger.

  Busta, you in danger.  Tell 'em they in danger.
Mo Thugs Family:
All consequence.
I take it that flippin', realize what it is that you have missed.  Attention:  be down for the family that don't get no realer than this.  Now what you gonna do when that won't get better, man?  You playin' within the game, that's why we done train and prayin' everyday.  Family never divided.  You heard it before, but this time you can buy.  Some bustas fell off.  We leave 'em behind.  I'm mean we tried, but they could not fall in line.  So this is what we've done, hell:  eliminated haters, every one.  Keepin' it real, makin' a mill, how do you feel?  (I just want a mill, mill).

Steady puttin' it down, just the way we told ya Mo Thug soldier got ya, back at it, (postin'), puttin' your face on the ground, murdered execution style, leavin' 'em roasted.  All the while I'm servin' you hookas solution (...?...) Don't you wonder why niggas that hate me die?  With my family multiply.  Scriptures be puttin up the tracks, takin' a journey deep on the darkside.  If you want fuck with, you better have the heart to handle the pressure, 'cause my niggas surin' to test, weak niggas prove you ain't hard, step with your ho-card, remind them of the St. Clair style, how we do it always, keep foldin', flippin' through the pages of literature, scriptures, we laid . . .

Tre, we come to play, Mo Thug, eternally, no unnecessary tension with me.
My Mo Thug family stays beside me, behind me, leads me, guides me.  
Ladies are we, eternal Mo Thug.

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