You know, the worst part about living is knowin' one day that you gon' have to die.  In the meantime, you have to come to terms with yourself, before you die.

Before I die, laid and put to rest, before I climb the wall, before I take my last breath, may I come to know the real of it all.  Face-to-face with death, discover why the toughest fall.  Dog, at home alone at night, my dreams be scary, got a sista fiendin' to the daylight.  And if by circumstance, somehow I end up stiff, I promise that I ain't the only one that's gon' end up in a ditch.  To all of this, I wish I find a reason why we end up dead, so I be prayin', dog, before I die.

Before I flatline, carried away in a casket, I ask this question, Lord: will You be openin' the gates to the green pastures or will a sista fall prey to the gates of Hell?  So Brina pass times through these ghetto blues, had to do what I had to do, really.  Survival is the key, everyday tryin' dodge them toe-tags.  Gotta good heart, tryin' hard to raise mine.  You made room for a sista's jumpstart.  Playa haters, they hate me.  Will the devil put one of those fools to work or will I die of natural cause?  Either way it goes, I feel the hurt, so I ask of You, Lord: keep my family strong on top of this weak game that'll catch 'em, too.  I'm on streets of Hell anyday.  Amen.

"Before I Die" Lyrics
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